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The "First Family of Montrose" has been raising funds for over 27 years in the Houston GLBT Community.
 With the combined efforts of the Daddy, Mother, boy and girl of Montrose, many non-profit organizations have been assisted with their fundraising efforts.
 Each title, being won in a judged contest, spends countless hours not only being a "leader" in the community, but offering advice,
assisting with special needs, raising funds for their selected charities and also being a friend to all.

First Family of Montrose
 David James Barron-Daddy of Montrose 2019
Viola Degradable Dion-Debris-Mother of Montrose 2019
Alexis Nicole Whitney-girl of Montrose 2019
boy Ginger-boy of Montrose 2019
Kota Husky-Puppy of Montrose 2019 


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Daddy & Mother of Montrose 2019

First Family of Montrose 2018
Daddy Ryan
Mother An' Marie Gill
girl of Montrose Asteria Eos
boy of Montrose boy Princess
Puppy/ies of Montrose Pup Thoth & Pup Trinity

First Family of Montrose 2017/2018
Daddy of Montrose (2018) Daddy Ryan
Mother of Montrose (2018) An' Marie Gill
girl of Montrose (2017) Shelly Montrose
boy of Montrose (2017) Seany boy
boy of Montrose (2018) boy Princess (Clayton Hensley)
Puppy of Montrose (2017) Pup Nuke (Nuke Anthony)

First Family of Montrose 2017/2018
From Left to Right
Puppy of Montrose Pup Nuke (Nuke Anthony)
Daddy of Montrose Christopher Daniel
Mother of Montrose (2018) An' Marie Gill
boy of Montrose Seanyboy (Sean McCabe)
girl of Montrose Shelly Montrose

Mother & Daddy of Montrose 2018
An' Marie Gill & Daddy Ryan

Puppy/ies of Montrose 2018
Pup Thoth (Richard Throw) & Pup Trinity (Colton Dobbins)

Archive Pictures

First Family of Montrose 2017

Daddy Christopher Daniel, Mother Mona Lott Gill,
Puppy of Montrose Pup Nuke (Nuke Anthony)
girl of Montrose Shelly Montrose,
boy of Montrose Seanyboy (Sean McCabe)

First Family of Montrose 2015
Feeling blessed and full of love for OUR community.
Thank you for supporting us during our time as the 2015 First Family of Montrose - Mother
Crystal Rae Lee Love, Daddy Orlin Keith Cullever, boy Skylar Gutierrez, girl Destiny Bass and Pup Kato Alexander.
 With your love and support, we raised over $19,500.00 for local charities and it is all because of YOU!!!  -
Crystal Rae Lee Love

Mother of Montrose 2015 Crystal Rae Lee Love
Daddy of Montrose 2015 Orlin Keith Cullever
boy of Montrose 2015 Skylar Gutierrez
girl of Montrose 2015 Destiny Bass
Pup of Montrose 2015 Kato Alexander

Congratulations to
Mother of Montrose 2016 Regina Dane

From left to right:
Destiny Bass, girl of Montrose 2015
Shay Hughes, Daddy of Montrose 2016
Regina Dane, Mother of Montrose 2016
Pup Kato, Puppy of Montrose 2015

boy of Montrose 2017
Seanyboy (Sean McCabe)
Pictured with boy of Montrose 2016
boy Howdy (Alan Rogers)

Puppy of Montrose 2017
Pup Nuke

First Family of Montrose 2016

First Family of Montrose Pic @ Shiny Disco Balls Show

Congratulations An' Marie Gill
Mother of Montrose 2018

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email us with any comments.  Thanks!


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