Past and current Daddy, Mother, boy & girl and Puppy of Montrose

1990-1991 Daddy Don Robinson (the only one to have the title for 2-years), Mother (1990)-Ms. Arspie, (1991)-Lipps

1992 Daddy Mark Johnson, Mother-Ruby Barbeaux

1993 Daddy Don Gill, Mother-Miss Rita Charles

1994 Daddy Ken Register, Mother-Lady Victoria Lust

1995 Daddy Marlene Beago, Mother-Rainbow D' Clown

1996 Daddy Ken Claude, Mother-Ouiza Gooch

1997 Daddy Max Mixon, Mother-MJ Summors

1998 Daddy Jim Sorgini, Mother-Ova Ewe

1999 Daddy Dennis Watson, Mother-Rosy Cheeks, the first boy of Montrose-lance

2000 Daddy Chris Baudier, Mother-Ginger Vitis, boy-kenny

2001 Daddy Loyd Powell, Mother-Muriel Reeves, boy-jeff b

2002 Daddy Dane Ellington, Mother-Blanche Debris, boy-brad

2003 Daddy Sir Korwin, Mother-Eartha Quake, boy-denny

2004 Daddy Buddy Thompson, Mother-Allota Debris, boy-robert t

2005 Daddy Shameless, Mother-DD DeMarco, boy-jerry d

2006 Daddy Robert Conn, Mother-Chanel Cartier, boy-darin

2007 Daddy Steven Bunch, Mother-Morgan Fairview, boy-casey

2008 Daddy Carlos Rivera, Mother-Wilma Holehurtz, boy-b.a.

2009 Daddy Eric Stutes, Mother-Wilma Holehurtz, boy-mikey

2010 Daddy Ronnie Siebert, Mother-Jackie Daniel, boy-chris

2011 Daddy Falcon, Mother-Kari Kristopher, boy-christopher, girl-Traci Courtney Love-Lords 

2012  Daddy Scott Kenyon, Mother-Anastacia Fontaine, boy-Christopher Garrett, girl-Amber Anne Foxx (Amber Major)

2013 Daddy Chris Valk, Mother-Miss Lauren Duval-Blake, boy-John Franklin, girl-Jessica Dion Van Shelton

2014 Daddy Gene Landry, Mother-Jame' Roberts, boy-Domenic Cusano, girl-Kitty Kim

2015 Daddy Orlin Keith Cullever, Mother-Crystal Rae Lee Love, boy-Skylar Gutierrez, girl-Destiny Bass, Pup-Kato Alexander

2016 Daddy Shay Hughes, Mother-Regina Dane, boy-Howdy (Alan Rogers), girl-Angela Mercy, Alpha Pup-Rukus

2017 Daddy Christopher Daniel, Mother-Mona Lott Gill, boy-Seanyboy (Sean McCabe), girl-Shelly Montrose, Pup-Nuke (Nuke Anthony)

2018 Daddy Ryan, Mother-An' Marie Gill, boy-boy Princess (Clayton Hensley), girl-Asteria Eos (Tyler Anderson), Pup Trinity (Colton Dobbins) & Pup Thoth (Richard Throw)

2019 Daddy David James Barron, Mother-Viola DeGradable Dion-Debris, boy-boy Ginger (Brandon Outterson), girl-Alexis Nicole Whitney, Pup Kota (Kota Husky)

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